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How to fight the temptation to eat in fast food?

by womenbabe

All of us are familiar with the desire to eat in Fast Food, but when this desire arises every day – this is already a reason for concern. And what can we say about our children, who are asking them to take them to chicken nuggets under any pretext – either get a toy in a children’s set, or play on the playground near the restaurant – all these tricks are aimed at quenching hunger with unhealthy food.  And for health and your children and yours, it is worth installing certain limits in the use of these products.

A survey of 1,500 people showed that 56% of them (and mainly women) go to fast foods at least several times a month. And among them 15% ate unhealthy food two or more times a week. The convenience and speed of the order is the main reasons for this.

Today, of course, it is difficult not to bring the child to such an institution, but you need to do this only occasionally. If your baby is hungry on the road from extracurricular activities, but you have nothing with yourself – you can look into the fast food, but do not turn it into a daily routine. Explain every time you have to do this, why will you only visit this fast food restaurant today, and why on other days you will not go there, according to the data

It is also worth noting that playgrounds on the territory of fast food establishments are another trick for visiting these restaurants. Children ask them to take them to such gaming centers, and parents can be distracted for at least a couple of minutes, while their child actively burns accumulated energy. And how is it here after such activity not to bite by a hamburger and freet potatoes – although the children could not simply burn so many calories in order to get so hungry. Therefore, again, do not bring to habit. Control visits to such restaurants.

Although, today Fast Foods offer some dishes of healthy food, such as salads, freshly squeezed juices instead of soda, Sandvichi with meat components, grilled, and not in oil, and much more.  But, despite all these improvements, you can still easily grab calories if you turn it into a habit. And from the habit of visiting fast foods it is very difficult to get rid of.   

We all love delicious and healthy food, but what to do if there are only fast foods or snacks nearby. One way out to learn to cook light food, namely salads. Among the many types of this dish, you can distinguish salads with chicken fillets, which are suitable for all those who lead a healthy lifestyle. Also on Sallaty. ru you can find a lot of other interesting recipes that will also taste.

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