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How to hit a man with a variety of conversations from the first meeting

by womenbabe

Many active women do not expect mercy from nature, and therefore they themselves try to arrange their fate. They are trying in every possible way to seduce the chosen man to draw his attention to himself. But it happens that a man can be struck not only by beauty, but also by some specific knowledge. How to hit a man then?

Talking about hunting.

The hunt has long ceased to be a way of eating and turned into an elite type of leisure and a fairly expensive hobby. Men who by nature hunters are happy to hunt, or at least interests her.

If you show knowledge about hunting smooth -bore weapons, you can count on the favor of your man. Not only is it struck by your knowledge, he will also note your originality and uniqueness, since not many women are aware of weapons. Weapon for hunting is a great topic for talking with a man enthusiastic trophies.

Talking about fishing.

For those who prefer hunting fishing, prepare for conversations about fishing rods and fish. Already that you know what mormyshka and bait are, can be a great reason to continue acquaintance. In addition, this can be a great occasion to conduct the first serious date in nature, with fishing, where you can try its branded ear or freshly baked fish in clay.

Talking about football.

If your man is indifferent to fishing and hunting, football will save the situation. It will be easy to find out the name of his favorite team and at least fluently run through information about players and coaching leaders. No one says you should perfectly understand football. It will be enough to know the most necessary little things so as not to ask stupid questions, such as: what kind of men with flags are around the perimeter or what is offside.

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