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The most fashionable haircuts of autumn 2012

by womenbabe

Of course, there is no better decoration for a girl than beautiful and healthy hair. But this jewelry should be framed in a decent frame. What hairstyles will become the fashion for the fall of autumn 2012?

Stuzon Spring-summer 2012 passed under the sign of the Kos and the Greek style, in the fall, more clear lines will come into fashion. The haircut “Kare” has found new relevance. We are used to perceiving the “square” in its classical statement, but this haircut has many modifications. In addition to the classical version of the “square”, “a square with a volume on the back of the head”, “on the leg”, “with wavy strands” will also come into fashion.

Also in fashion this fall, voluminous French haircuts that leave light strands in the face. The so -called “feather” stood up with a fashionable trend, which stylists leave, both in all hair, and only at the face. This effect gives particular ease and romance. You should mention geometric haircuts that are designed to emphasize the line of the back of the head and whiskey. Fashionable geometric haircuts include both short and haircut “Sessun”.

As for medium -long hair in the fall, light, playful curls will be relevant in the fall. Today fashionable haircuts of 50x and 60s, as well as the style of Merlin Monroe. In fashion for long hair will be a “cascade”, haircuts that create volume, as well as bangs. But as for long hair, then only thick hair is held in high esteem. If you are not very thick, stylists advise you to get a little shorter.

It’s always nice to look fashionable and fresh. The new hairstyle not only helps to look spectacular, but also feel like that.

The desire of each of us. You can spend time on beauty salons and gyms, or you can use Botox. The question immediately arises how much Botox costs and how dangerous it is. But I can safely assure that I myself have recently passed the procedures and got a great result.

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