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How to save a few tips on vacation

by womenbabe

All of us, from time to time, want to relax, from work, the city’s bustle, and other things, but we ourselves constantly find the reasons to deny ourselves this pleasure, citing a difficult financial situation, etc. P. Here is our advice: by any means, arrange a vacation for yourself, because otherwise you will feel a feeling of brokenness and dissatisfaction for a year. Since not many can afford to break themselves at any time, buy a ticket, and fly out the first flight to meet the adventures, we will consider several ways to save on vacation on the services of tourist firms offered.

Method 1. Rest is savage

One of the best ways to save on vacation is to abandon the services of travel agencies in general, or reduce them to the minimum level. Drive on vacation “wild”, do not be afraid of the opportunity to go “into the void”. People are everywhere and everyone lives somewhere, and no one minds to earn extra money, especially during the global crisis. Therefore, finding a rented apartment or house will not be difficult. With foreign trips, everything is a little more complicated, about how to save on vacation in this case, you need to think. Although here “loopholes” have long been invented. It is known that a tourist always requires confirmed hotel armor. But with the advent of the Internet, this problem is solved very easily. Book the hotel room online, wait for confirmation, and after the long -awaited stamp with a visa can be canceled and on the road where you like. If there is no desire and time to set the queue at the Embassy of the country that you are going to go to, then the service of a visa from the tour of the company is ordered separately, without buying the tour itself.

Method 2. A trip by invitation

If you have relatives or acquaintances living abroad, ask them to send you an invitation on a trip that you just need to leave. Accommodation can also be found at your discretion.

Method 3. Discount card and online order form

To attract clientele, most travel agencies use loyalty programs. Simply put, they make an imitation of discount cards with various discounts, and give them to their customers. Even if you do not have such a card, perhaps your friends have it.  Discounts can be up to 15%.

Method 4. The trip by a group

Going a group is always cheaper. In addition to saving on the hotel room, you will save a good job on the tour. If the tour is issued for a group of persons, travel services are paid only once.

Method 5. Squeeze everything

You understand that the interest of any travel agency is to sell a more expensive tour. Do not “go”, but ask to tell more, about the most budgetary options. You can also read about them on the Internet forums.

Now you know exactly how to save on vacation!

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