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How to save and improve a tan

by womenbabe

In our minds, the stereotype that the beauty of the entire appearance depends on the tanning. It is because of this that we enjoy catching any spring rays and unsuccessful in the summer in the sand, bringing to a dark shade the color of our body.

But recently, the ozone layer has “leaked” and the increasing intensity of the desired ultraviolet radiation forces us to reconsider our attitude to the source of tanning. Vitamins to help.

When a person sunbathes, the skin takes the main stab of ultraviolet radiation, which still additionally provokes a photo artistic of the surface layer of the skin. It loses a huge amount of moisture and re -ines, the collagen protein is violated, which is responsible for elasticity, and accelerated aging begins. This can be clearly manifested in a decrease in the natural elasticity of the skin, sharp dehydration, the appearance of premature wrinkles, pigment spots, mesh from dilated vessels.

According to most scientists, some dietary supplements and cosmetics will help prevent oxidative stress of the skin, the legalized UV radiation, and the aging process slows down. But you can not torment the body with a long seat in the sun, but use the services of cosmetic salons with instant tanning. Therefore, the delightful instant tan is offered by the Zagar of Moscow, in which you will be turned into a person after a rest somewhere in the Maldives in a few minutes. Returning to cosmetic products for tanning, it is worth using creams with vitamins: vitamins C, E, class – the most famous among them are beta -carotins (provitamin A), and also potassium, magnesium, zinc or selenium. Vitamin E is in rice, sunflower and peanuts, sprouted wheat grains and coarse bread bread, eggs and green leaves of vegetables. Only 20-40% of vitamin E is absorbed by our body, so vitamins E should be taken additionally as a food supplement. Beta-carotene, in turn, significantly improves blood plasma and heals the obtained sunburns faster. It is in red or orange fruits and in vegetables, and also, respectively, in the oil extracts of these food products. The summer season came to an end, and the tan remained. After a long stay in the sun, the skin must be replenished with moisture given to the sun. To do this, use the cream, lotion or gel after tanning. The funds after an intense tan are moisturized and a little soothe the skin, your tan is made more resistant. If there are no special tools, then you can replace them with kefir and sour cream masks.

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