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How to subtract the date of childbirth on your own, what to take into account

by womenbabe

Pregnancy lasts about ten lunar months. The first trimester is the most difficult for a woman, she worries a lot, is afraid to give birth, cannot get used to the sensation within itself another life.

The second trimester is the time when the young mother gets used to sensations, relaxes and even begins to receive pleasure from her condition. The final trimester is impatience to give birth to a baby as soon as possible, see him, hug him. Then there is a desire to find out when the baby is born.

Ways to determine the date of birth

The first and easiest way to independently clean the date of birth of the baby is on the day of ovulation or conception Day. So, the female cycle is from 28 to 35 days, the ovulation period falls on the middle of the cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the middle of the cycle and add 10 months to the falling date (280 days). Thus, you can calculate the date of birth of the child. In the same way, the date of birth is determined, provided that the woman knows the exact date of conception.

Nelele formula or determination of the date of birth by the last menstruation. Doctors themselves often use this way. In order to calculate everything yourself, it is necessary to do the following:

From the first day of the menstrual cycle, take away three months

The resulting date should be added seven days

Suppose that the beginning of the last menstrual cycle fell on March 10. We take away three months, and it turns out on December 10, by this date we add another seven days and, the voila, the estimated date of birth of the first -born – December 17. This is a very convenient and simple way to find out the number and month of the child’s birthday.

The most accurate way to find out the date of birth is to go to the ultrasound. This procedure will allow you to find out the necessary information in the early stages of pregnancy, and, therefore, will help determine the date of conception. But at the same time it is important to take into account the features of the development of the fetus, since in some it can occur faster or vice versa slower, which will make it possible to make an erroneous calculation. So, childbirth can be prescribed earlier for a week or two, and in some cases later. The accuracy of determining the gift of the baby of the baby depends on many factors, including the qualification of the doctor himself.

So, knowing several ways of determining the supermama proposed, you can find out at the very early stages the birthday of the unborn child. Thus, it is much easier to prepare not only physically, but also morally for childbirth and the appearance of the baby. Being a mother is fine!

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