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I want to get rid of an obsessive idea

by womenbabe

I constantly compare real relations with those that were in my life once. I met a young man for a year and a half, we loved and understood each other at a glance, we were always comfortable together. But such an idyll did not last long. Now in my life another man, and I always compare real relations with the past, which have become a standard for me. It really interferes with me in my life. How can I get rid of this?

You very correctly noticed that your past love affair has become a standard for you. That is, now you know exactly what you want. This is what prevents you from building new harmonious relationships. It turns out that you have subconsciously a perfect model of relationships that you want to create in real life. Of course it’s not bad. Only after all, all people are different and it is impossible to equal everyone under one comb. And don’t do it! To get rid of the standard, you need to change your views on relationships and men. It is very difficult to advise something without knowing many nuances. I recommend that you contact a psychologist personally.

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