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Is it possible to accustom your man to order

by womenbabe

After work I want rest and third -party care, not cleaning. But what to do when things constantly leave the place and march around the apartment in unknown directions, turning your home into a collection of trash?

With inanimate objects, somehow inappropriate to conduct a discussion on this topic, but a person who attaches to things legs (dear spouse) should explain that in the house you need to observe cleanliness, as well as appreciate and respect your homework.

Do not scandal, just methodically inform him about your discontent. It is possible that his actions are not at all from evil, he just, like a big child, does not notice at all the things obvious to you. For example, explain to him that even if you buy linen tablecloths cheaply from Ecolinas. This does not mean at all that you are ready to change them after each time, as soon as he sits down at the table and spoil these very tablecloths. For the rest, with regard to order in the house, you can act in the same method.

How to accustom her husband to order if he diligently resists?

– First, experiment with the refusal of cleaning, show him what will happen if you stop choosing garbage behind him and laying it out in places of their constant deployment;

– Ask him to take part in cleaning, let him understand what it is – to look for pairs of scattered socks after a hilarious working day;

– Remind him that you are a woman: show sensitivity, talk to him about it, let him be more attentive to your words: “It is difficult for you to maintain order in the apartment if other residents do not contribute to this!”;

– At the end, tell me that you love it and scattering shirts and not washing floors, but you would really not want this love to crumble about banal household problems that can be solved by simple compliance with order in the room.

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