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Is it possible to make legs thicker effective methods

by womenbabe

The fact that humanity praises the beauty of female legs in all available genres for centuries is known from the first steps with these legs. The diagnosis is extremely simple: approach the mirror and look at yourself, the impression will be a verdict. And yet there is a clear criterion for the beauty of this part of the body.

The ideal structure is determined:

With closed legs there should be four lumenes: in the upper thigh, higher and below the knee and in the ankles.

thigh volume 51, 5 cm, 34 – lower leg, 19.5 – ankle (with a height of 170 cm).

The thigh itself must correspond to the accepted ideals of beauty: at the top, get sophisticated, have a small arched bulge in the profile in the direction of the knee, which should be exactly in the middle of the leg and resemble the image of the baby – with dimples (glazes), cheeks (roundness) and bangs).

The sizes of the ankle and the popliteal cavity should be equal.

The ankle is thin, the rear tendon is surrounded by two dimples, the heel is rounded, the foot is elegant and concave.

If at the same time, the centers of the thigh, knees and feet are on the same biomechanical axis – the legs are considered slim.

If you notice a flaw in your structure and want to fix it, and you are worried about how to make your legs thicker, there are several solutions here. The easiest and most effective is to download silicone in a medical institution or purchase false devices for a visual effect, you can increase muscle mass, or adjust the structure of the legs with foods. The best place to make the legs thick than the gym or fitness club under the guidance of a specialist is hard to find.

But if the problem is solved at home, then the following tips will be useful:

daily charging.

jumping with a rope at least 250 times a day.

Exercise with an elastic bandage will give an effect of 3 cm after a month and a half. You need to lie on the side, fixing the bandage on the upper foot and tear it off with the effort with an effort, repeating 15 times.

You need to sleep with your legs raised.

you need to engage in classic dances, walk on socks.

you need to walk constantly on foot.

will help solve the problem of walking on the outer and inside of the foot, on heels and socks for 5-6 minutes.

It is necessary to refuse to wearing synthetic hosiery products.

you need to do daily exercises with a load of 15-20 times in 4 approaches.

It is advisable to engage in an exercise bike or as much as possible ride a bicycle.

An animal protein is needed to build muscle mass, the best solution to the issue is the use of steam beef.

The diet should contain vegetables and fruits, seaweed rich in vitamins B12, B1, A, sesame seeds (E, B1), bananas, apples, red beans, papaya, celery.

The person’s desire for the ideal is ineradicable, and if excessively thin legs spoil the mood and cause complexes, then to solve the problem and make the legs thicker, all methods are good, including visual. So, wearing bright tights of light tones with a large pattern visually increase the volume of the legs. A similar effect will be from stockings with transverse stripes.

All of the above methods are effective, but only regular execution of them in the complex can give a tangible result.

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