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Is it possible to understand your own child tips for a psychologist

by womenbabe

In view of the great interest in the world around, the need to go to bed for a child seems, as a rule, an annoying obstacle and a boring business.

To make the end of the day pleasant for the child, read the book for the night, make a slight massage, talk about the events that occurred throughout the day, focusing on the fact that your child is given more interest. Education of children is a complex process that requires certain skills from parents, and first of all, understanding the psychology of the child. For example, sometimes it is not easy to quickly lay a three -year -old child to sleep. There is a simple explanation for this.

In addition, it is necessary to find out if there are any fears that prevent the child from going to bed and eliminate them: buy a nightlight if the child has fear of darkness; sit next to his son or daughter, if they are scared to fall asleep alone and so on. Finally, make the process of laying to sleep cyclical. Let the child develop a certain procedure for the action before bedtime: collecting toys, brushing, taking a shower, beloved pajamas, worn before bedtime.

Another example. The daughter turned 2 years old and she had difficulties in communicating with children. If someone is trying to talk to her, offers her toys or asks her toy from her, she runs away from them and hides for you, or climbs into her arms. To cope with its shyness, you need to teach her the correct reaction to other children. Better to do it in a playful way. First, let my daughter learn to hello with her beloved doll.

Your own child is irritated by you. Lets nothing to do, walks on the heels, demanding constant attention to himself. Almost so – immediately begins to whine. As a rule, children use nagging as a way to achieve their own in the case when they can not get the desired attention of the mother in any other way. Therefore, either you need to react to nagging, so that the child understands – he will receive your attention when he will communicate normally, or pay attention to the child before he had the desire to attract attention to his whining. It is necessary that the child knows: mom will definitely play with him, you just need to wait a bit.

Her daughters are soon 2 years old, and she does not want to eat on her own spoon. Most likely, this is a whim, but not to leave the daughter of a hungry one, you have to feed her. Meanwhile, for the formation of any skill, constant training is needed. In this case, we can give such advice to parents:

Teach your daughter to use a spoon by offering a doll for example and asking to feed her. Then let him train to eat herself. First, give her an empty spoon, and then you can proceed with a thick porridge and a liquid soup.

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