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Is your baked test healthy

by womenbabe

The condition of the liver directly depends on the lifestyle. Take a test and find out if your habits are harmful to your health.

1. How often do you want to rest during the day?

a) never, only late in the evening;

b) only after a dense lunch;

c) constantly: I do not get sprinkled catastrophically!

2. Do you have fatigue attacks?

a) only if I did not sleep all night;

b) yes, after Abrala at work;

c) quite often.

3. How do you feel after taking fatty or fried food?

a) quite normal;

b) in different ways – depends on whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner;

c) there are attacks of nausea and severity in the stomach.

4. How often do you have unprotected sex?

a) never;

b) extremely rarely and only with a permanent partner;

c) periodically happens.

5. Do you take contraceptives or medicines that affect the liver?

a) no;

b) yes, about three years;

c) yes, for almost 5 years

6. How often do you wash your hands?

a) always before food and after, and also coming from the street;

b) only before meals;

c) quite rarely, because I constantly forget about this.

7. Whether you have the color of urine?

a) no;

b) perhaps you need to look at;

c) yes, she became much darker.

8. Do you have pains o in the right side?

a) very rarely;

b) happens after eating or traveling in transport;

c) almost every day.

9. How often do you drink alcohol?

a) only on holidays;

b) every weekend;

c) quite often; I like to drink a glass of wine or; Beer after work.

Find the number of balls. More than more ? Read the answers:

Most “a”

keep it up!

You have no special reason for concern. Rational nutrition, timely and sufficient rest and the lack of bad habits in the most positive way affect the health of your liver. Continue in the same vein! Still, try to undergo an examination by a gastroenterologist once a year to exclude the disease.

Most “B”

The system failed

At first glance, it seems that everything is in order. Fleeting abdominal pains, occasionally insomnia, or vice versa, drowsiness, who does not happen? However, all these seemingly harmless symptoms can be a “bell” that the liver began in the work of the liver. Do not drag on a visit to the doctor, otherwise there may be quite serious consequences.

Most “B”


You should seriously think about your lifestyle, otherwise soon the problems will be not only with the liver, but also with other organs. Of course, an experienced doctor will help to cure the liver, but if you do not revise your daily and nutrition regime, then the relapse is inevitable. Take care of your health!

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