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Learning to crochet (video)

by womenbabe

Crochet relevant for hundreds of years. And even now, in the era of abundance of goods, interest in it does not disappear.

This type of needlework has a number of significant advantages:

– When working, it does not require a lot of space, you can get anywhere;

– Only crocheting can be attached to the amazing in beauty and complexity patterns;

– The hook provides if desired a greater knitting density, as a result of which the thing does not deform and lasts longer;

– The work can be combined with audio information, which in itself is not at all bad;

– And finally, a person who knows how to crochet is always able to make a fashionable, exclusive thing, and stand out from the crowd.

Encourages and the abundance of devices and tools, that is, in specialized stores, the eyes run away from the number of threads of various structures and quality, and dozens of hooks of various world manufacturers are scattered in specialized stores. The abundance of colorful magazines causes an indefatigable desire to possess the advertised thing.

Also, the Internet always comes to the rescue, with its circles, forums, schools and master classes! It is only necessary, as in everything, a little patience to master the basics, to learn small tricks, the main of which is, in fact, the correspondence of the thread of the hook. And then, fantasy is limitless, and the craftswoman can tie some kind of air product with a thick crocheted and thin thread. There is no clear frame. But it is better to start, clearly following the recommendations, learn to read the schemes and special designations, make calculations (knitting a sample, calculate how many loops in a centimeter), know the elementary concepts – a chain, any product, column, semi -column, just cloud, double and triple begins with it. cloak, be able to knit them, it is very important to learn how to make the right edge.

Actually, the more complicated the reception, the more unique the canvas is obtained. But a novice knitter is better to start with something that has no size, what is definitely enough for patience, for example, from a scarf.

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