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List of the main elements of the wardrobe what should be

by womenbabe

Each girl from an early age begins to ask the question: “What things should consist of my wardrobe, so that there is always something to wear?”

The answer to it has long been received and it is simple like five fingers! Dear fashionistas, as many as 80% of the success of your appearance depends on the basic things in your wardrobe, and it is in this article that you will learn: what is the base, why it is needed and what to wear it with.

Basic things are the foundation of your wardrobe, in other words, this is the foundation of your fashionable image. If you listen to this article and make yourself a reliable foundation, you will never face the problems of insufficient clothing. The basic ones should be considered not only everyday and festive things, but also professional clothes for sports and yoga. After all, some yoga clothes can be considered the basic.

Here is a list of main wardrobe elements that you need every day:

1) black, white and gray shirts.

These are probably the simplest things from this list. You can easily combine such shirts with different jackets, cardigans, they can be dressed under light sweaters, etc. D.

2) jeans

It can be jeans of any color, any cut, any style. One thing remains invariably – they should sit perfectly on you. Such a thing is suitable for every day with any T-shirt and jacket, they can also be combined with something more solemn and they will be perfect for a more important output.

3) pencil skirt.

Such a must have skirt in every wardrobe, it perfectly emphasizes a feminine figure. In combination with a different top, it will suit any type of figure. This beautiful skirt can be part of a daily set or supplement the festive suit.

4) a blouse of a light shade.

This is a necessary thing for girls who are still studying, and for those who are already working because it is perfect for daily socks. It is ideal to have a blouse as much as working days, then you will always look flawless.

5) white and black shoes.

The main thing is that these shoes are the simplest, without additional jewelry, then they are ideal for any image. Beige shoes will even help you visually lengthen your legs and make them more slender, for this it is worth choosing shoes closest to your skin tone.

6) Little black dress.

It seems to me that there is not a lot of explanations here, but still. Such a dress is suitable for any event. A correctly chosen dress will help to emphasize the refinement and femininity of any girl.

7) classic ballet shoes.

The main friend of the girls is, of course, high -heeled shoes, but our legs need to be given a day off, and such beautiful ballet shoes will help to remain feminine and give our feet to rest.

8) Cardigan.

Any cut, any style, the main thing here is convenience! This item of your wardrobe should warm you and give comfort and coziness, wherever you are!

9) classic cloak.

It is better to choose black or cream – this is the most trendy and fashionable solution for autumn/spring. Such a raincoat will perfectly complement any of your outfits: from everyday jeans with a T -shirt to a small black dress.

10) bag.

You can write about this endlessly. Bags are, as you know, female weakness number one. But you should have at least two bags: large – main and small (clutch). So you will have a handbag for every day and to the dress.

These were the 10 main things of your wardrobe. If you have found all these things, it means that you always have something to wear!

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