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Lose weight? Easily using a talker

by womenbabe

Recently, a new weapon in the fight against excess weight has appeared – a “speaking plate”, which will advise you when you should stop if you eat too quickly.

This may look rather strange, but numerous studies confirm that people, quickly and eagerly swallowing food, gain much more weight than those who chew every piece of laid 20 times. So, scientists in Japan analyzed habits in food in 3,000 people. The results showed that among those who eagerly pounced on food, 84 % were excessive weight.

And the explanation for this fact is very simple: our stomach takes about 30 minutes to transmit the signal to the brain, that the body is already full. So in half an hour of speed eating products you can absorb a huge number of calories, and the brain does not even know about it.

Our body produces the so -called hormone hunger Grelin, which is a stimulant of appetite. It is produced when the stomach is empty. And when the stomach is filled with food, it turns off. This chemical process gets to the brain just in these 30 minutes.

Talking plate in this case is just what is needed, the female online magazine reports

Invented this miracle creation in Sweden. There is a plate of about 2000 at. e. There is a small screen on it, where the red line displays the speed with which you eat, and the blue for comparison displays a healthy rhythm of food. If the gap in the lines becomes too large, the plate will advise you to stop.

A speaker of the plate was tested at Bristol University with the help of 600 families, among which one adult and one child is at risk. At the moment, the results have shown that adolescents who have already used a plate ate much less, and then they entered the rhythm and continued to eat properly. So that such a device can easily encourage the development of the right habits in nutrition for a long time. And this is so important in a difficult struggle against obesity.

Losing weight has always been and will be the main desire of many people. Today, with mass eating food from fast foods, the problem of losing weight is very acute. To overcome this, many diets are created, most of which you can find on the website www. YouRlifestyle. ru with complete instructions for use. With careful conduct of the diet, you are guaranteed to achieve the results.

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