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New trends in fashion houses

by womenbabe

Until recently, trousers for women were a symbol of their courage in the hard business world. This wardrobe item has always been present in the collections of leading fashion designers. But today we see a completely different picture. Straight narrow skirts, worn over leggings or widespread dresses overshadowed everyone’s favorite trousers. The proof is simple arithmetic: in the new collection of Donna Karan (DKNY) of 27 outfits there are only 1 pair of trousers; Tommy Hilfiger has 10 pairs of trousers from 43 outfits; In the collection of Diana von Furstestenberg 16 of 48 sets – exactly two -thirds.

Perhaps that is why the collection of Diana von Fursenberg looked so good – everything was balanced, competently built, a slight hint of temptation was traced.   The most famous outfit of this fashion house is a dress with sleeves, silhouette"hourglass"It was transformed into a draped version, and the connection between strict coats and free costumes from Jersey or soft kimono trousers created a unique image.  Add to this an amazing combination of fabrics such as leather and velvet, and exquisitely selected color scheme. All this successfully recreated the picture of the modern wardrobe of the fashionista.

Transformation of the Tommy Hilfiger brand from the once hip-hop style in the world brand of luxury was held at the last show under the sign of military elegance. “Military style is clear, smart, sexy,” as the designer said, reports

The Thakoon collection is more restrained this season, although it was full of bright pink and orange paints, and the fabrics varyed from brilliant skin to sheep’s wool, which, incidentally, were also painted in shocking pink. Actually, according to the designer, this collection is aimed at a “girl” in every woman.

And Donna Karan, as if, created her Dkny collection on autopilot – leggings instead of trousers, short, daring leather skirts, animal prints, interspersed the color of red wine among the black gamut.

Here it is, magic of fashionable trends.

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