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Not obesity kills us, but the lack of physical activity

by womenbabe

Scientists claim that people can be thick and at the same time be in good shape. So why are we so worried about what we eat than that we are moving little?

Actually, this is not obesity for our health. It is better to have overweight, but at the same time be active than to lead a sedentary lifestyle with normal weight.

Many doctors call physical inactivity the biggest health problem in the 21st century. And we still pay more attention to excess weight than our sitting lifestyle. We can not resist daily weighing for weight control. Physical load is just a secondary fact and is used only for weight loss. And the universal hysteria about how much we weigh and how much we need to reset does not help live a healthy and long life.  

If a person was offered a pill that relieves excess weight without any side effects, the line would have already lined up behind it. A tablet, promising the same effect as 30 minutes of physical exercises per day, would have won all the news strips around the world, transfers

On the contrary, we should return the former activity in our lives, replace part of the seated image of the working day with half -hour walks, or just go to work on foot, if the distance, of course, allows. One thing is clear, it is necessary to change the locality of public overweight. In the best case, even the daily weighing procedure, namely, the process of formation on the scales and lowering to the floor, is already some kind of activity, if you do it quite often.

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