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Original color scheme

by womenbabe

The choice of the main color for the wedding is a very responsible business. Most often, all thoughts are focused on the choice of outfits for the bride and groom, forgetting that this is not enough to create a general impression and an unforgettable atmosphere of the holiday.

The main trend of the 2012 season in a wedding decor is the choice of a certain color scheme, which withstand absolutely all elements of the wedding ceremony, starting from the newlyweds and their witnesses and ending with the color of the invitation. The new thing that the 2012 trends offer are the use of bright, rich, juicy shades, previously not at all characteristic of such celebrations: orange, saturated pink, bright green.

Designers persistently advise using more than one color as the main one, but a combination of at least two. Among the most popular are combinations of bright and deep shades, for example, bright pink and dark blue, turquoise and indigo. If you are by nature an experimenter and are not afraid of non -standard decisions, you will be on the shoulder to master the trendy combination of orange and purple colors or no less popular combination of cherry and juicy blue shades.

Vintage as one of the style directions of this season dictates certain rules in choosing color. If you have chosen this style for your ceremony, you need to remember the need to comply with the classical colors. At the peak of popularity-pastel and its all kinds of options: pale cream, marshmallow tones, blurry pale blue shades, muffled pear-green colors. Stylists advise adding fashionable shades of gray, chestnut and beige to this traditional gamut. These colors are perfect for invitations and will look good in decorative compositions and elements.

The fashionable color of this season is coffee, but its use requires certain restrictions. So, this color cannot be combined with white and creamy shades, this makes it dirty and uninteresting.

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