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Panel in Blackwork technique

by womenbabe

Monochrome embroidery looks no worse than color, and sometimes even more exquisite. Blackwork (from English Black – Black) is a simple and accessible technique, which is based on only 2 types of seams: ahead needle and back a needle. As can be seen from the name, it is performed with black threads on a white background, but the use of other colors is also allowed. The main thing is that the color is contrasted with the background and is not diluted with other shades.

Try to embroider a panel with the image of a butterfly in this technique, and you will see that such a simple embroidery can be beautiful.

For work, you will need: – white canvas (determine the size for yourself); – Black threads of muline; – needle for embroidery.

It is better to do work on the hoop. A schematic (not color) image of a butterfly can be found in needlework magazines or on the Internet. Translate the drawing first to tracing paper, then using copy paper to the center of the canvas. The background consists of geometric shapes – squares, rhombuses or triangles, it can not be drawn, but to count the cells on the canvas.

First, embroider the butterfly contour with a seam back needle with threads in two additions. Embroider a pattern in the form of rhombuses. Then go on the wings on the wings. The background is embroidered with threads in one addition, a needle with a seam forward. The length of the stitches and the distance between them should be the same. Spend the line in one, then in the opposite direction, filling the passes between the stitches. Due to the difference in the thickness of the thread, the butterfly will stand out against the main background. Make sure that the stitches of the background do not go to the image of the butterfly.

Get the edges of the canvas, pull it on a piece of cardboard of the corresponding size and insert it into the frame. Such a laconic panel resembling a black and white photo can decorate any interior. You can embroider a “negative” with the same pattern, but white threads on a black background. This “pair” will look like a finished work of art. Such embroidery can be decorated with tablecloths, napkins, capes and covers for furniture, it will be organic everywhere.

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