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Passion for computer games can be useful?

by womenbabe

Your child spends too much time at the computer? The best gift for him is a new “shooter” or other computer game? Is it worth it too much to worry about this?

In accordance with the latest research in the influence of video games on the human psyche conducted by the magazine “The main directions in psychology”, computer games accelerate and make more accurate mental processes that occur in the human brain. And this conclusion concerns not only the unreal situation of the game, but also real, life situations. We all remember the hits of recent years as the game of Mario, which also help to develop the speed of thinking and reaction. And over time, the games are transformed become more complex, but at the same time the training of our abilities increases parallel to the game.

In the course of research, scientific psychologists: Given, Sean Green and Defnie Bewalier studied a huge amount of literature related to computer games and came to amazing conclusions: people who are fond of games are much more successful than clinical trials for the speed of reaction.

Doctor Dai and his colleagues also found out that the video of the game increases the ability of visual recognition of objects. They stated that the high speed of the game with a frequent change in the image on the screen, requiring concentration of attention, significantly improves visual and spatial memory.

Researchers argue that computer games positively act on many mental processes in the brain and can also stop the age -related decrease in human cognitive abilities.

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