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Potato soup of puree “Tenderness”

by womenbabe

Since cauliflower helps the separation of bile, dishes from it are recommended to eat for diseases of the gallbladder. It contains a large amount of B vitamins, various salts and minerals. Potato-puree soup “Tenderness” has color cabbage in its composition, which means that it will not only be a delicious dinner, but also useful.

Ingredients for 6-8 servings of soup-mashed potatoes:

• Potatoes – 3 pcs. • Color cabbage – one small head of head • Egg (only yolk will be needed) – 1 pcs. • Milk – 400 ml. • RIS RIS – 50 gr. • butter – 20 g.


In order to cook potato soup – we will take peeled potatoes, which we will cut into eight parts. We will cut colored cabbage into approximately the same pieces (analyzing the inflorescences). We lay cabbage in a container with potatoes. We pour water and weld until cooked. We place ready -made vegetables in a blender. There we will also send pre -welded rice. Beat well. In a separate container, the egg yolk is stirred with milk with a corolla until a homogeneous state. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath until a slight thickening. Now the resulting mixture is combined with puree and add the butter. Mix slightly. Our potato soup is ready.

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