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Summer collection of decorative cosmetics ISADora Papagayo 2012

by womenbabe

Bright, juicy collection of decorative cosmetics, inspired by the authors with exotic birds. Intensive shades with high quality at an affordable price are those characteristics that helped to achieve ISADora their 20th anniversary.

The Swedish brand of ISADora cosmetics, making sure that this summer is in fashion intensive colors, offers bright, lively makeup. The composition of the summer collection will transfer you on a charming journey to the world of colorful products, which not only have intense colors, but also high -quality formula and affordable prices, so every woman will be able to enjoy luxury cosmetics. When it comes to makeup, 20 years of the company’s experience is definitely visible at first glance at the collection. The inspirer of the collection was the colorful feathers of exotic parrots and wild animals.

The summer season requires intense colors, especially if you are a confident woman who always achieves what is desired, experiment with many shades to help emphasize the perfect facial features. These shades are perfectly combined with the upcoming trends of the season, choose a cool contrasting color or a complementary shade that corresponds to your skin, eye color or clothing.

Treasure Iceland. This fabulous palette includes three shimmering shade, which can be used together or separately. Use a little wet brush when applying to reach a deep look or dry for light daytime makeup.

Pencil Twist-up Metallic. Creamy flickering texture and bright pigment are represented in the form of pencils that have all the characteristics of the winner when it comes to makeup. A stunning pencil will fit in any, even the most tiny evening handbag so you can create a sultry look at any time. The collection presents 2 shades: Paradise Green Blue Hawaii

Moisturizing lipsticks. Enveloping his lips with an ideal color, they leaves a feeling of softness throughout the day. Transform your smile using the following shades: Coral Glow Tropical Blue

Moisturizing lip glosses. Shimmering like a gem, these lips will give the lips a glossy effect that is ideal for an evening dress or a romantic summer sundress: Coral Glow Tropical Blue

Lip pencils. Give your lips the perfect shape using these liners: Tropical Blue Mandarins

Nail polishes. Presented in four juicy shades: Hot Hibiscus Bird of Paradise Papagayo Blue Green Paradise

Mascara and mascara. Improve your hair color and give your eyes sensuality with these products: hair mascara: Royal Blue Green Turquoise Mascara: Black

Along with an amazing decorative collection, Isadora also released 3 bracelets that demonstrate all colorful charms of exotic. They can be obtained free of charge with the purchase of two goods from the 2012 summer line.

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