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The basic principles of choosing a name to pay attention to

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The choice of a name for a child is a very responsible process that requires a serious approach from parents. After all, the words of Captain Vrungel that “as you call the yacht, so it will float” in the case of a person’s name, there are real prophetic. It is noted that the fate of a person, the complexity and winding of his life path completely and completely depend on the word that the parents chose their child as a name.

Basic principles of name choice

When making a choice in favor of a particular name, you must definitely ask his meaning, and also try to understand how comfortable the child will live in specific conditions where the family will live.

To begin with, choosing a name, you should check its consonance of the surname and patronymic, because it is with these words that it will most often be pronounced. Avoid the oversaturation of in the letters heavy for pronunciation. For example, the letter “p” is desirable that it would be only in one of three words. Sohletic names next to a simple surname look quite ridiculous, which is why different Leopoldins Kurochkin cause, at least, friendly lifting. We should not forget that the name of the male baby, after a certain number of years, will become a patronymic for a new man. Therefore, one should feel his ability to act in this role.


There is a tradition to call the baby in honor of one of the relatives. There are also pitfalls here too. A child named like a mother or dad, during the period of youthful formation of a person, will involuntarily follow the path of subconscious rivalry with a native person who has the same name. An attempt to prove to himself and the whole world that he is better than the parent of the same name with him often the cause of conflicts in the family ({4826}). You should not call the baby in the name of a relative who died at an early age, suffered a terrible ailment or died under tragic circumstances, such as murder, suicide, painful or mysterious death. If the one in honor of which they want to name the baby is available for communication, then you should ask him how he evaluates his fate and life path. If a person at least in one word hints at the insidiousness of his fate, then you should abandon such a name.

Previously, in Christian Russia, people did not suffer at all from the problem of choosing the name of the child, because the name was given according to the date of birth, which suggested the choice in the saints of several variants of the names. You can do the same now, looking in the saints the name of the saint, who is revered on the birthday of the baby or on the fortieth day of his life. The problem is that the saints lived for a very long time and in most cases their venerable names are now already sounding quite archaic.

Such a discrepancy with the surrounding order and generally accepted canons may also arise if you choose a national name, living in the area with a predominance of representatives of a different culture. You need to try to find a certain international analogue of the name, so that your child will subsequently be a white sheep among his peers.

Author: Ekaterina Sveshnikova

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