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The reasons for the appointment of Elkar how to accept

by womenbabe

No matter how we would like to protect the child from all kinds of tablets, syrup and other drugs, but still we have to pay tribute to progress and use the benefit of civilization for our newborn child.

And if many young mothers have already heard about some drugs, they have questions, for example, how and when to use Elkar for newborns or what is special in Elcar.

It is worth starting by the only active substance is natural L-carnitin (levocarnitinum). This is such an amino acid, the substance is akin to the vitamin group B, which is synthesized by the body. Sometimes it is called vitamin -like substance. That is, in this drug there is nothing terrible or chemical and unnatural.

When Elkar may be appointed?

Asphyxia or birth injury.

Elkar contributes to the compensation of tissues of the nervous system, increases the supply of oxygen and improves metabolism, since L-carnitine takes part in the metabolic process and stimulates cell energy (in large quantities in brain tissues). Along with the newborn, Elkar is prescribed to schoolchildren.

Premature babies.

Elkar is indispensable for premature babies with poor appetite, with insufficient weight gain, with a decrease in immunity or for integrated restoration and therapy after surgery. Elkar is able to increase immunity and contribute to the speedy restoration. Due to the stimulation of cellular energy and formed red blood cells.

Muscle hypotonus and various heart pathologies.

L-carnitine contributes to the stimulation of metabolism and energy metabolism in myocardial tissues and muscles (transversely broken muscles). Accordingly, they improve growth, regeneration and tone.

How to take Elkar correctly?

The dosage is directly due to the age, weight and individual characteristics of the baby, which is why it is selected exclusively by the doctor.

Elkar should be taken in the morning and at lunch, but no later than 14.00, half an hour before meals. In this condition, a sleepless night can be avoided. If a dispersion occurs, dose adjustment will help.

And do not forget that the problems adjusted in infancy are better than complex treatment in adolescence.

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