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The wife suffers from her husband’s inattention, what to do?

by womenbabe

Often women complain that the spouse does not devote time and does not pay attention. Why do men do this? Despite the fact that such a moment is voiced, most often, women, men from a lack of attention in relationships, suffer in the same way.

So that this does not cause the destruction of relations, it is very important to take certain specific steps in time to create proximity and understanding between spouses, for example, to contact a family psychologist on Mentallab. .

It often happens that in the family or paired, one partner gives another much more, while the other, only takes, perceiving it as granted. Of course, a somewhat exaggerated situation, but if it seems to you that way, then this article is intended for you.

Any long -term relationship implies an equal contribution to them. Under the contribution, you need to understand feelings, care, temporary and mental costs, etc. D. All this should be manifested by both sides. Not only the husband should ask the question of how to establish relations with his wife, but the wife should also make efforts to create harmonious relations.

Usually, this happens this way: one of the spouses puts more finance and responsibility in the relationship, and the second is care. Either, someone more openly and brightly shows his feelings, the other is engaged in planning the future.

The main thing is to be able to appreciate the contribution of the other side to the relationship, and to value in the form in which this contribution is provided.

From childhood, each person will find out what can be invested in relationships by observing their parents and relatives. Thus, his position is formed. What is happening in the family, the child perceives naturally, for his subconscious – this is normal and correct.

Subsequently, in his relationship, meeting a person with other values ​​and views, you have to acquire interaction skills, learn to be in a relationship. It is extremely important to show flexibility and willingness to understand another personality. And this is largely determined by the characteristics of the parental family.

To understand how open you are, answer a few questions:

Are you willing to change your wardrobe?

Do you like to experiment with styles?

Are you ready to try new dishes?

How wide your circle of dating?

The answers to these questions reflect how a person is ready for changes. If we readily open to the new, then it becomes much easier to see the value of what our lives present to us.

For example, for one partner, relationships mean care: stroke clothes, cook delicious dinner, etc. D. And for another person, relations are simply in the need to spend time together. For example, travel together, watch movies.

Therefore, in a relationship, you need to be able to pronounce your interests and needs.

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