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Toxicosis at 5 weeks of pregnancy

by womenbabe

After conception, 1-2 weeks take place-5 obstetric week occurs. In other words, at this point, the pregnancy itself has only 2 weeks, but in gynecology the pregnancy calendar counts by weeks the onset of pregnancy from the day the last menstruation is started, therefore they talk about obstetric weeks.

Most often 4-5 weeks of pregnancy is associated with the general malaise of a woman. Most women at this time begin to bother with toxicosis. But it is not at all necessary that this nuisance happens in every pregnant woman. Awaiting addition and without early toxicosis, you can only envy. Well, if it has a place to be in the fifth week of pregnancy or a little later, then you need to come to terms – this condition usually lasts up to 12 weeks.

It is important for pregnant women to understand that toxicosis is not a disease, this is an absolutely normal phenomenon that does not require treatment. What are the causes of early toxicosis? No one can give an exact answer. But there is an opinion that the body thus reacts to a foreign body, which is in it and that mixture of enzymes and hormones that begin to stand out during the emergence of a new life.

The general reason for the appearance of frequent nausea at 5 weeks of pregnancy can be called hormonal restructuring of the body. One of the hormones produced in the placenta from the fifth week and throughout pregnancy is placental lactoogen. It prepares the mammary glands for lactation, regulates the metabolism in the mother’s body, ensuring the viability of the embryo. Thus, it turns out that all the processes inside the mother’s body begins to control the placenta and embryo, therefore, at the initial pores, the body of the future mother cannot fully adapt to the new conditions of functioning.

Sometimes toxicosis is accompanied by disturbances by the nervous system, headaches and migraines. The reason is also hormonal differences. Moreover, there are cases when a sparing treatment may not be prescribed without the help of a neurologist.

In any case, as soon as the pregnancy was detected, it is necessary to abandon all the drugs taken earlier and not try to treat toxicosis on your own. Taking any drugs should be agreed with a gynecologist and narrow specialists, and in the consultation they will always be able to give correct recommendations for improving well -being during pregnancy. Do not rely on"maybe"

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