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by womenbabe

Documentary films are interesting to the reliability of the facts given in them. Such films expand the horizons. For some time now, the creation of films about crimes that excited and kept in tension for a long time large cities, or even the country as a whole, has come into fashion.

One of the best films shot in a similar direction can be considered the tape “Criminal Russia”. For a long time, many of these crimes haunted the police and caused anger and bewilderment in the public. Understand what was the main difficulty in the disclosure of these crimes, and “criminal Russia” will allow. The film includes more than 100 episodes, each of which is a separate story. Terrible, incomprehensible to a normal person of crime. The best investigators were investigating these mysterious atrocities. Sometimes the investigations lasted several years. Resourcefulness and ability to get away from punishment surprised and scared. The police seemed powerless, but in the end the punishment found its “heroes”. Of course, many ask the question: “Why watch criminal Russia?”. Of course, if a person prefers to live in a world where all colors are pink, then it is completely not necessary, but for a person living in reality, it is necessary. At least in order to be more attentive to those who are nearby. To be more attentive to yourself, to your safety. Since this kind of films are shown only in television versions, and it is not possible to buy them in the store – it is most convenient to watch criminal Russia online. At any convenient time, from any moment and any series you can start viewing.

The film is widely considered criminal offenses committed by maniacs. Chikatilo, who committed his crimes for more than 10 years, who brought a huge amount of grief for a large number of people, was caught. Unfortunately, he was not the only one for people pain. Inhuman attitude and lawlessness are shown in many parts of the film. Disclosure and exposure of crimes related to the employees of the police itself. Against the background of all this – strength, courage, responsibility of bodies of bodies.

The film was nominated three times at the Russian TEFI Award as the best “producer work” and “Best Film”. In order to make sure that the film is worthy of such awards, you need to watch criminal Russia in good quality. There will be no doubt after watching.

In each part of the film, the viewer, together with investigators, will track the path from the moment the crime was committed to the moment of disclosure, will find out all the unknown details of the criminal act, the motives that prompted its commission. After watching criminal Russia online for free, any Internet user can discover the characters of law enforcement agencies and criminals.

Of course, such films are not a video of cartoons online, but such projects are necessary. They allow you to once again evaluate the work of the police, to understand what they have to face daily. Loud resonance affairs create even more difficulties, all attacks on employees, sometimes arising a feeling of complete powerlessness before the monster, but in the end – overcoming all the difficulties.

The filmmakers spent a huge amount of time to collect material, studying affairs, work with investigators who have been conducting these confusing affairs. As a result, we see a high -quality project that is very difficult to watch from a moral point of view, but such films show that any crime as a result will be disclosed and the criminal will suffer a well -deserved punishment.

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