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Varieties of double -glazed windows distinguishing features

by womenbabe

Perhaps double -glazed windows are the most important and large part of the plastic window. The double -glazed window plays a more important role in the heat and sound insulation of the room, and the higher its characteristics, the better the plastic window will function.

The number of glasses determines the chamber of the double -glazed window. A single -chamber consists of two glasses, which make up the air chamber, two -chamber – of three glasses, there are double -glazed windows with a large number of cameras. Glass, in turn, can have the same or different thickness, usually 3 or 4 mm, but the thicker the glass, the lower its thermal conductivity. Glasses with special coatings may also include a set of double -glazed windows. The low -emission optical coating, the so -called “energy -saving”, applied to glass, helps to maintain heat, it can reflect up to 90% and above thermal energy back into the room. Glasses can also have sunscreen (reflecting or absorbing), they are reinforced, hardened, laminated, self -cleaning, armored, etc. Additional installation of such glasses significantly affects the price, double -glazed windows will be cheap in the most common configuration.

The energy -saving properties of the double -glazed window depend on: the number of glasses in its composition, their thickness, the width of its air chambers (10mm, 16 mm).The usual single -chamber double -glazed window already at – 8 ° collects condensate, two -chamber at -18 °, and if you fill out the cameras with inert gases (argon or crypton), you can lower this indicator to – 29 °, even in a two -chamber double -glazed window.

When choosing double -glazed windows for new windows, it is important to properly evaluate weather conditions, if strong frosts are frequent in this area, it is inappropriate to order single -chamber double -glazed windows. It is better to install a double -glazed window with sunscreen only on the sunny side of the building, and additional glass protection also depends on the conditions of possible damage (which is more likely for windows of the lower floors).

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