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Want to buy baskets for gifts for the New Year? Choose!

by womenbabe

Preparing for the New Year, do not forget to buy gift baskets. Why baskets? Because it is stylish and original, but for children it is even funny.

In the New Year it is customary to give symbolic gifts. And if you have a lot of them, it’s time to put them in a basket.

What baskets to give for the New Year?

So, if you decide to collect New Year’s gifts to friends and relatives yourself, then use our advice.

Desser basket

Take a small openwork wicker basket, decorate it on the rim of tinsel, weave a few rain threads and Christmas tree decorations into the handle. Put chocolate in the basket, a jar of coffee or tea.

You can make a dessert fruit basket. Choose any fruits, but do not forget about New Year’s oranges and tangerines, they will give your composition New Year’s stroke. And in the center of the basket put a bottle of champagne. Such a basket will not be just a gift, it will originally decorate the festive table.


A wicker -shaped oval -shaped basket with an original handle is suitable here. Put several types of tea and coffee in it. Modern packaging is very bright and beautiful, so this composition is enough to decorate with a small spruce branch. Additionally put in the basket more sweets, cookies, pastries. With the decoration of the basket itself, do not curl up the stick, decorate it with a brilliant rain and a pair of Christmas tree toys.


Original composition. Take a small gift basket, put several types of expensive cheeses in it, seafood in beautiful packaging, one or two caviar jars. Complete the composition with a bottle of good wine. Gifted will be very happy! Decorate the basket itself modestly, its contents are itself an excellent decoration.


Everything is very simple here. Such a gift is most often intended for men. Therefore, choose a basket “male”, for example, round from a dark vine. Her filling is your fantasy and preferences of the person to whom it is intended. You can put wine, champagne, cognac, whiskey there. The choice is huge. The decoration of the basket should also be modest.


A charming gift for women is a large bright basket with openwork weaving, filled with various cosmetics, shifted with bright tinsel.

When going to buy baskets for gifts for the New Year, try connecting them visually with the image of. They should be somewhat similar. Give gifts with sincere wishes, then everyone will be happy!

I spoke in detail about the original gifts for the New Year – the sale of gift baskets.

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