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What to do if a friend took her husband

by womenbabe

In order to not happen, inviting the unmarried girls less should be smaller. You should not be completely sure that your best friend is not capable of such actions. A girlfriend may, not wanting to fall in love with your spouse, and a constantly someone else’s husband seems better. In order to save both, it is better to meet either at a girlfriend, or somewhere in a cafe. But what, to do if your husband still went to your girlfriend. The first thing that can come to mind is revenge. But before that, everything is worth considering well whether you need this husband at all. If so, then it is worth fighting. The main thing is not to think for too long, since time does not work for you. Offer to meet. If he does not agree, then tell him that his departure should not make you blood enemies. Motivate this by the fact that many diverge, maintaining friendly relations. After what he heard, he will not have a reason to refuse you. You should prepare well for this meeting. At the meeting, find out what did not suit him in your relationship with him and say that you are ready to change in relation to some things. This attempt may well bring a positive result. If he fell in love with your girlfriend, then tell him that this is only a temporary hobby, and when it passes, ordinary gray everyday life will come. And if he agrees, then forgiveness will be the best revenge.

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