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What to take with you on vacation in Croatia

by womenbabe

Going, for the first time to any country, the traveler invariably faces the question of what exactly needs to be taken with you on the road, and what you can do not take. The following are some recommendations that it is better to put in a suitcase if you are going to visit Croatia.

It is necessary to take beach slippers with thick soles with you. Finding without them on the beach is almost impossible, since the beaches in this country are mostly stone, concrete or pebble. You will also need special swimming shoes that protect you from injuries when going into water, as well as from sea urchins. But if you forgot to put something of the above in the suitcase, you should not worry, since you can buy the necessary shoes on the spot. If you decide to visit this country in autumn, then you should capture warm things. You will feel very comfortable if you take Stone Island sweatshirts with you, which not only warm, but also look very fashionable.

If you do not want to spend too much on arrival, then take the beach towel with you and. In Croatia, it is forbidden to take out a towel from the hotel. There is no particular need for a trip to this country, since the local language is largely similar to Russians, and many workers of the areas of tourism and trade, as a rule, speak the Russian language at the basic level.

In addition to the clothes for a beach holiday (swimwear, swimming trunks), you should take with you the clothes warmer (jeans, sweater and umbrella) if your trip is planned for May or June.

Despite the fact that there are a large number of pharmacies in Croatia, you still need to take with you medicines that you may need so as not to waste time finding an analogue that we know in local pharmacies. Most often, painkillers, plasters, agents from stomach and intestinal disorders come in handy on the trip. It is also necessary to remember about the means of protection against sunlight.

If you plan to live in a hotel, then you will not need to take a hair dryer, since it is usually in the rooms. But if you plan to live in the private sector, it is better to stock up on a hairdryer, since it may not be in the room.

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