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Whether there was love?

by womenbabe

It would seem that love is such a wonderful bright feeling. Why sometimes she brings so much suffering, painful experiences? How can she bring so much evil? The answer is actually simple. This is not love. This is a love dependence. Or as it is also called “drug addiction”.

Such a feeling is really akin to drug addiction: it covers, dope as a drug, like alcohol. A person falls into full dependence on his object “Love”. The dependence is so strong that it seems to slam the door behind the “beloved” and the dependent will fall dead at the same moment, since he cannot live without a “beloved” for a second. This feeling is comprehensive, it captures a person without a trace. The world ceases to exist. Like drug addiction, such a feeling is destructive, it destroys a person.

Love dependence is often mistaken for love. In fact, she has nothing to do with true love. True love is a bright, creative feeling. She makes a person kinder, happier, creates harmony inside a person. With the dependence of a person, most of the time overflow destructive feelings: fear, anxiety, jealousy, resentment, etc. D.

A person is free in love, he remains himself. And loves another person as he is. With dependence, the “loving” dissolves in the object of his “love”, becomes dependent on his mood, on intonation, on words. He simply ceases to exist as a separate person. In love is good and well together. You can even let your loved one be released for good if it is better for him with another person. Depending, it is only worth the “beloved” to go out the door, the experiences “how he is there begins?”. Endless calls begin, if he is thoughtful – is it a reason in me?, If oars – why is he good without me?, does not pick up the phone – what is busy?. It’s like crazy.

To get rid of this, sometimes it’s enough to understand that this is not love, it is a disease. And then everything falls into place. Sometimes the dependence is so strong that a psychologist can help cope with it. There are special exercises that allow you to live this feeling to the end and release it.

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