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by womenbabe

White pencil, despite its versatility in the visit, is still a mysterious subject for many women. Someone frankly avoids him. Someone is interested in why he needs it. Others, taking advantage of once, refuses the subject: not impressed!

The main task of the white pencil is to visually enlarge the eyes and “refresh”. That is, if you have small narrow eyes, then the white pencil will fit perfectly into your cosmetic bag. But it must be used in special makeup – a bifurcated external angle. Such makeup visually increases and stretches the eyes, and the tool for this is a white pencil. The owners of lowered eyes also use such a tool.

White pencil can completely replace the light corrector. For example, if you have swelling under the eyes, unpleasant bruises, then it is not necessary to resort to the correct. You can use the white contour: draw a barely noticeable line under your eye and gently blend. Thus you lighten the swelling. The same should be done with small pimples and scars.

If at the end of the day you are tormented by redness of the eyes, then the same white circuit will help to fix the situation. You can “cool” the eye in two ways. Firstly, white kayal makes a look fresh and expressive. Secondly, you can get rid of redness by slightly painting an external eye fold.

Pencil is also used to mask wrinkles in anti -aging makeup. Again, use white pencil instead of lightening proofreaders. The folds of wrinkles are “filled” with a white pencil and shade.

With a full -fledged corrective makeup, highlighting proofreaders are applied to the chin, forehead and cheekbones. Replace them with a white pencil. Remember that the force of pressure should be weak.

Use a pencil as a shadows for an eyebrow, the part where the lightest shadows (white, beige, golden, silver, etc. D.) to give expressiveness and depth.

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