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Why are massages so useful

by womenbabe

Massages bring you more good than you can imagine. After all, with the help of massage, your body accelerates regeneration processes. Massage relieves muscle pain, sometimes very strong.

New studies show why massages are so useful for the body and soul. So, scientists analyzed what is happening inside our muscles when a person is in a state of heavy physical activity. They investigated muscle tissue in five different situations for 11 volunteers who stubbornly practiced an exercise bike for an hour. After training, they promoted the muscles of the same leg, but they did not touch the second. Then the fabric of both legs was analyzed, reports

So, heavy physical activity leads to the appearance of micro cracks in muscle fibers, then a light inflammatory process begins. And then the body begins to “repair” itself. Whether the massage accelerates the recovery process? Of course yes.

Massage, in fact, reduces the production of inflammatory chemicals, the so -called cytokine, and thus stops inflammatory processes caused by long -term, heavy physical exertion.

In addition, massage stimulates the energetic division in cells, mitochondria, which turn glucose into energy, such necessary for recovery. Massage also helps muscles adapt to new physical exertion.

Moreover, massage has a universally recognized and such beloved relaxing and healing effect. We all know how nice it is after a hard working day to take a warm bath, and then get a session of the warming and lulling massage. And if your loved one does massage, this process simply will not be the price from the point of view of a positive effect on your well -being. And most importantly – this medicine does not require money expenses. So just give each other this method of relaxation from time to time.

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