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Women’s beauty is a vast concept

by womenbabe

Women’s beauty is a vast concept. It includes grace, beautiful posture, light gait, grace of movements. The gait highlights you among the rest, attracts attention, makes you a woman.

So how to develop a graceful beautiful gait? When you put your foot on the ground, first of all you need to touch the earth’s surface with a heel, and then move the emphasis smoothly to the front of the foot. That is, in order for the gait to be free and elastic, the whole foot should participate in a step, but the movements must be made smooth. Try to pay attention to your gait, how you transfer the body weight from one leg to another. You can practice at home, because when walking on the street, few people follow the gait.

It is incorrect to endure the leg from the knee when walking – it is necessary to take out the leg from the hip, thereby increasing sexuality becomes much easier. The back is straight, the head is high, the chin is lifted, and the shoulders are straightened. In no case should socks look inside. It is also worth paying attention to this.

Of course, the shoes are an important factor. When choosing shoes, it is important to consider whether it is convenient for you in it. If the shoes are too narrow or wide, it will not be possible to go easily and freely in it. Too tall heels look beautiful, but walking on them is inconvenient and your gait looks like you are on stilts. Shoes without heels make a gait a sweeping and careless. The most optimal is a convenient stable small heel. In addition, he is also in fashion. Such a heel gives your gait femininity and lightness. Now the platform is also in fashion – it is even more convenient when wearing and looks elegant.

Follow your steps. The step should not be sweeping, otherwise your gait can be equally equated to the male. The seed gait also looks ridiculous. Step length should be approximately equal in length to two or three of your feet.

Using the above tips, you can develop a walk that will attract views and like others.

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