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Working rings – rules and traditions

by womenbabe

One of the most exciting, fascinating and romantic moments in the wedding ceremony is the moment when lovers exchange rings as a sign of love and fidelity.

Wrong rings have been leading their history since the time of antiquity. In the old days, such rings in different countries were either from metal, or woven from reeds, somewhere in their alternative were coins. Currently, these rings are customary from noble metals.

The tradition has survived to wear rings on the ring finger of the left (Catholics) or right hand (Orthodox) or on the index (Jews). We will find out why wedding rings are worn precisely on a finger closest to the little finger? The ancients believed that just from this finger comes the main energy stream to the human heart. Therefore, the girl, having accepted the ring from a man in agreement, marry him, sets up this stream on a particular person, limiting access to her heart for others.

Currently, the wedding ring has not lost its significance, it also serves as a sign of belonging to a loved one, in addition, his form is a symbol of eternal love and affection.

Now some girls manage to get as many as 3 rings from their loved ones. The first, when he makes her a proposal to marry him: it can be anything, but men try to choose an extremely elegant and tender ring, such that their lovers cannot resist.

The second is during the wedding ceremony at the registry office. Most often this is a classic smooth golden ring, but some prefer silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten, more interesting forms than traditional rings.

Third – during the ceremony of the wedding in the church: many identify rings for painting and rings for the wedding, but if there is an opportunity to buy another couple of rings, why not pamper yourself. For a woman, of course, the more, the better, but men prefer restraint and wear one ring.

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