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You built a well something next?

by womenbabe

July 11, 2013

The construction of a well is a simple process that can easily learn. However, even after the construction is completed, it is necessary to engage in caring for the construction.

After the reservoir is dug up, you should organize a clay lock around it. To do this, it is necessary to dig up the trench (depth – 50 cm, width – 100 cm), and put chopped clay into it.

Clay is laid in several layers of ten centimeters. Each layer of clay should be well tamped. The resulting clay castle will need to be regularly restored, since the soil is packed every two to three years.

During construction, it is important to decide whether the bottom filter will be at the bottom of the well. Such a filter, consisting of gravel and sand, is considered some specialists who lay rings for wells, mandatory.

Others are of the opinion that the gravel filter not only does not bring water in the well, but even brings certain harm.

The bottom filter consists of several layers of granite crushed stone or gravel. Passing through these layers, flows entering the well are cleaned. After the layers of gravel are laid, pumping water is carried out many times.

Before use, water in the new well should be disinfected. Before disinfection, you can hand over it for analysis. For disinfection, it is necessary to dilute a 3%solution of chlorine lime.

To do this, about three hundred grams of lime must be diluted to the density of sour cream, then add the resulting gruel ten liters of water. With this amount of solution, about 1 m3 of water can be disinfected.

In addition to the water itself, it should be disinfected by the resulting solution of the wall of the structure above the water level. Next, the well covers the roof for twenty -four hours. The water after disinfection should not have the smell of chlorine, so it will be necessary to pump it out of the tank several times.

How suitable for use, you can understand by its external and taste characteristics. For a more accurate result, you can analyze.

The owner of the well should know that the selection of water from it should be constant. She should never stagnate in any case. If she stands in the well for a long period of time, it should be pumped out and let the well be filled again.

A contracial structure must be built, which will protect the contents of the well from external pollution.

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