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5 unexpected reasons for weight gain

by womenbabe

I don’t understand why I’m gaining weight! I do exercises, eat healthy food in small portions. I do everything right and at the same time cannot put on my favorite jeans. What is happening? The situation is familiar? Maybe you were in such a situation or one of your friends.   But it is revealed that there are reasons for weight gain that you may not even suspect about.

1.      Medicines. There are some types of medications that contribute to weight gain. Namely, some antidepressants can stimulate appetite. Antihistamines can harm sleep regimen.  Also affect the weight gain against diabetes, migraines, blood pressure, steroids and some drugs against cancer. Perhaps it is worth reconsider all the medicines that you have to take. Many swallow tablets much more than they really need.

2.      Dream. The main reason why a small amount of sleep is poorly affected by your waist line is that biochemical processes in your body are violated. The actual hormone is reduced, as a result, the body cannot tell you when you have already eaten. And the hormone ghrelin increases as the quantity and quality of sleep is reduced, stimulating your appetite and setting up the body to overeating.   

3.      Food after physical activity.  It is possible after physical activity, but the whole point is that very often we overestimate the number of calories burned. In fact, the study showed that women with excess weight that were engaged in physical exercises for one or two hours a week without any diets at the same time, dropped several kilograms in six months. But those women who exhausted themselves with physical activity for three hours a week did not drop as much as they should. After all, they actually ate much more calories than they burned.

4.      Hypothyroidism. You may not understand why you feel tired, you have problems with concentration. And the cause of everything may be a problem with the thyroid gland, which can also affect the slowdown in the metabolism process and the subsequent weight gain.   Thyroid problems are more common in women than in men. Perhaps you should go to the endocrinologist for inspection.

5.      Stress. Of course, life sometimes gets out of control … And the stress level begins to go through. In the end, we are just people. But what is dangerous in this situation is that along with the growth of stress, the level of stress hormone cortisol is growing, which causes increased appetite. And when we experience difficult situations in life, we are most likely to seize them far on carrots, and chocolate, ice cream and chips. And all because the amount of fatty acids in these products activates certain brain areas responsible for our mood.

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