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How to diversify personal life of a psychologist

by womenbabe

In order to diversify sexual life, it is not necessary to water each other with chocolate or make love in a dirty elevator. There are other ways that will give you beautiful minutes of intimacy ..

First, put yourself in order as much as possible and buy the most beautiful underwear. For example, go to the Dessous online store and choose the most exquisite and sexy linen in catalogs. After you feel like a goddess in this underwear, it’s time to start planning the creation of an ideal atmosphere for better sex.

1. Praise your beloved. You must amuse his pride, and he will repay you with wonderful sex.

2. Since the state of the woman, her desire depends on the subjects of emotions, send your negative emotions, resentment and claims to hell. Relax and show your loved one all your love and tenderness that you are capable of. If it doesn’t work out, then express everything, make peace normally and then start love games as a reconciliation.

3. The prelude is usually never delayed. Change tactics – examine the body of your beloved with your hands, tender touches of fingertips, hair. This will help you find such sensitive places that you have not guessed.

4. If you have children, you need to put the lock on the door, only this will allow you to completely relax. Also do not forget about the situation in the room. Everything should be sexy – candles, bedding, music ..

5. Put on the mask. This can turn you into a wonderful stranger. Bright lips and a black mask with sparkles in tandem with sexy black underwear will fight their beloved on the right.

6. A little egoism will not hurt in bed. Do not forget about your desires and boldly tell the man about how you want and how many times. He must appreciate it.

7. Turn each other. Arrange the spa. Light each other with a scrub, and then patiently rub it into the skin. Then do a gentle massage.

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