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Flat stomach how to achieve a result?

by womenbabe

Nowadays, everyone wants to be slender and attractive. But the wrong lifestyle, hypodynamia, irregular nutrition does not contribute little to this. One of the main problems is a large belly. This must be paid to special attention.

And physical exercises will help you in this. There are complexes of exercises for tightening the muscles of various parts of the body, including for the abdomen and waist. The main thing is to actively and regularly engage. Easier to maintain yourself in shape than to rebuild your body.

First you need to do the usual warming. Classes with a hoop, inclination, rotation of the pelvis contribute to increased blood circulation and warming up the pots in the problem area. After that, you can proceed to special exercises.

To tighten the abdomen, you need to download the press. No matter how hard it seemed, you know, an amazing effect awaits you. It is very important to perform exercises correctly. Of course, it’s easier to go to fitness, choose an individual coach and ahead. But you can do it yourself. On the rug you need to take a horizontal position to raise your legs, reports top-state. ru. In the same position, fixing the legs, raise the body. The angle of rise should not exceed 45 degrees. It is necessary to engage in blocks: 40 times in one approach, 2 approaches. This is for starters. As soon as you feel that you are capable of more, increase the number of approaches to 3-4 to 50 times. In a month you will notice the results, but this is not a reason to relax.

In addition to physical exercises, it is necessary to put in order your nutrition. In no case do not need to sit on a hard diet. In combination with strength exercises, she can undermine health, but you do not need it. Just try to exclude very fatty and high -calorie foods from the diet. Eat more vegetables, lean meat and fish, and fill the salads instead of mayonnaise with olive oil. Also, the body will need plentiful drink. So slags that interfere with the achievement of your goal will be displayed faster. Sports exercises, rational nutrition and your perseverance – and your figure will all envy!

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