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What do parents need to know for children to vaccinate

by womenbabe

Today very often the press discusses the issue of children’s vaccinations, even fatal cases are given as a result of vaccination. Parents have a difficult choice: do or not to vaccinate children. Some buy certificates so as not to have troubles with the kindergarten, others prove their rights and honestly write in clinics the refusal of vaccinations, according to Top-Women. ru. But there are those who decided that they will still do vaccinations to their child. In this case, you need to perform all precautions so that your child has tolerate vaccination with the least risk to his health.

All doctors say that there are no safe vaccinations. They also recommend starting vaccinations for children only after a year (you will be offered the first vaccination to the child in the hospital). For vaccination, it is better to choose winter or summer, these are more constant periods in our climatic strip, children are less ill with colds. Before making vaccination, you need to carefully check the health of the child. The health of modern children is not so strong, many are already born with pathologies, some have allergies to certain drugs. Therefore, the usual inspection of the local pediatrician is not enough. It is necessary to do a general analysis of blood, urine, consult a neuropathologist (especially if you are vaccinated for children up to a year). You should also check how the intestines work, make a copper. After a year, the child can make an immunogram (this is a complex analysis, blood is taken from the vein). If there are contraindications for these analyzes, it is better to refuse vaccinations. Before vaccination, it is desirable that the child is not sick for a month and he does not have an elevated temperature. Doctors also do not recommend vaccination during the period when the child is cutting teeth, it is advisable to wait until the fangs are wiping. Before vaccination, you should limit the child’s contact with the environment, do not walk on the street, especially in crowded places. If the child has allergies, then 2-3 days before vaccination and 3 days after you need to give anti-allergenic drugs.

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