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by womenbabe

Every girl dreams of a wardrobe of toilet waters, about the shelf filled with bottles and jars in the closet. According to researchers, only 15% of modern women prefer one aroma from the set. The rest at the same time can store about six toilet waters, leaving behind the train of various smells. Depending on the pace of life, the image you created, style and preferences should be selected and perfume. If you are an active person who is fond of sports and walking in life with ease, then the aroma should be subtle, unobtrusive and barely perceptible. For this, notes of green tea, herbs, an unsweetened aroma of flowers or a sea breeze may be present in toilet water. To create the impression of a modest and cute young lady, relaxed and delicate floral aromas are suitable. For a fatal beauty, it is better to choose the smell of wood, tart, brightly distinguished among the crowd, which remains after itself for a long time, and in the evening acquires depth and sophistication. If you attribute yourself to a flirt and laughter, let your aroma also tell you about this: add to the image of piquancy with the help of an inconspicuous citrus sourness in your toilet water. For real gourmets, the perfume industry offers aromas, accurately reproducing the smells of natural products. For example, perfumes with notes of vanilla, chocolate, coconut or almonds, which you really want to “eat”. If you have already attributed yourself to a certain group of girls and decided what impression you want to leave toilet water after you, then rush to sit in a taxi in Minsk and rush to a grandiose meeting with your aroma. According to statistics, each person buys, gives or receives at least one perfume as a gift. In order not to get confused near the counter with fragrant bottles, there are some advice of experienced perfumers. Firstly, always try no more than 2-3 different aromas at the same time, the rest of the tastes mix, get confused and merge into one cloud of incomprehensible smell. Apply a drop of spirits on the so -called “hot” points: wrists, elbow folds, pulsating areas on the neck. Remember, it is in the afternoon that a person’s smell is exacerbated, so the smells are felt sharply, more precisely and with greater benefit. Next recommendation: Take your time to buy the first toilet water you like right away. The aroma will appear deeper only only on the second day after its application, so spend it with it, inhale again its notes and then you will make your choice with more confidence. To try all the tips in the case, visit an inexpensive perfume store and find your aroma there, with which you will be associated at a meeting and which will leave only a pleasant impression of its owner.

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