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Bakery and online store of ready -made mixtures for baking bread

by womenbabe

Citizens go for groceries to the store. Rural residents grow them themselves on their farmsteks. True, they also go to the store, for what they can’t do at home themselves. This is chocolate, sweets and bread. Although many are baking bread at home themselves.

And not only in the villages. Homemade bakery has long been a traditional occupation on the household in rural areas. And in the conditions of the big city, the hostesses mainly bake pies, whites or potato pies in oven in their own kitchen. As for the present, from the Russian stove, bread, the secrets of its cooking have been lost for a long time. But is it all? And is it so important at home to have a large Russian stove to bake buns, rolls, kalachi, karava and shangi?

The Bakery store offers its visitors everything you need to bake fragrant bread at home. Modern bread makers are quite able to replace the Russian stove, if you keep in mind the baking of bread for every day. True, in a mini-bell, you can simultaneously get only one bakery product, and not immediately a whole box, as in a Russian furnace. But every evening and every morning on the table there will be a fragrant freshly baked roll that attracts the attention of the whole house and is able to remove from a state of a nap of even the lazy bunny.

Automatic bread products cannot be called completely automatic – the ingredients must be loaded manually into a bucket. In this case, you still need to comply with the proportion. It is known that the error, even small, can lead to the fact that the product will turn out too dense or not bake. Or maybe everything will be normal, but the crust, for example, will not turn out to be so roasted and crispy, where it is best to buy specially prepared dry mixtures for baking bread in the Bread store.

In such mixtures, all the ingredients have long been measured strictly according to the recipe and mixed, so that the housewife only needs to load the right amount of the mixture in the bread machine, add oil, water and choose a program. Even the most busy business woman, which always has problems with time, can have time to perform these simple actions, and so that the bread is baked at the right time, you can use the timer.

Grain for baking bread is used at least than ready -made mixtures or flour of any variety. Grain bread has long been known for its healing properties. This product allows you to quite successfully fight diabetes, atherosclerosis and even obesity. But the most amazing property of grain bread, which can be baked on your own in a bread maker using whole, crushed or tilted grain, is the ability to remove heavy metals from the body and radioactive elements. And therefore increase life expectancy.

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