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Bath is an indispensable skin care product and body

by womenbabe

Many people consider the bath a simply indispensable means of caring for their body and skin, which also combines both therapeutic, preventive and hygienic functions. After all, since ancient times, the bathhouse has not been famous as a magnificent, effective and healing agent against many ailments and ailments. With the help of bath procedures, you can activate oxidative processes in the body, enhance blood circulation and metabolism.

It is also worth noting that the bathhouse is the most important stimulator of protein exchange in the human body, which in turn contributes to the absorption of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and minerals. Also, this, due to the sufficiently high air temperature in the steam room, the joint mobility and the elasticity of muscle tissue increases significantly.

The beneficial properties of bath procedures are not only in healing and hygienic functions, but also in the cosmetic effect. Sweating and steam help, your body will get rid of the scales of dead skin, as well as pore pollution. And a sufficient surge of blood improves the color and appearance of the skin.

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