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Cabbage diet how and why?

by womenbabe

If you want to lose weight quickly, then the cabbage diet is not for you. However, this diet is very effective, since the energy value of the menu is extremely low, due to the minimum calorie content of the cabbage itself. But do not worry about your health, cabbage contains the necessary food ingredients in optimal ratios: vitamins and minerals allow you to keep you in good shape, and plant tissue increases the rate of food through the body, simultaneously contributing to its cleansing. So the weight will be lost gradually and for a long time.     

There are a huge number of cabbage varieties, here are only some of them:

1. Brussels cabbage (calorie content: 44 kcal) – contains vitamin C in large quantities, and is also rich in folic acid. 2. Kolrabi (calorie content: 42 kcal) – a source of vitamins A, B, B2, PP, C, in addition, this variety of cabbage contains very useful tartronic acid for losing weight. Once in the body, it does not allow carbohydrates to turn into fats. 3. Color cabbage (calorie content: 32 kcal) – easily digestible cabbage variety. Also cauliflower occupies a leading position in its taste. 4. White cabbage (calorie content: 26 kcal) – has the lowest calorie content; Compared to other varieties, it contains a large amount of proteins.

However, the minimum calorie content of sauerkraut is 19 kcal, so you should definitely include it in the diet diet (at least once every 3 days).

The cabbage diet is quite strict and stiff, but cabbage leaves can be consumed in any quantity. You can also not limit yourself in drinks: green tea and water without gas (about two liters per day). Coffee is another main ingredient in quick diets: it dulls the feeling of hunger and increases the rate of metabolic processes in the body (up to 4 percent).

That you can not use during a cabbage diet:

1. Sugar; 2. Salt; 3. Any alcoholic drinks; 4. Confectionery and flour products.

Cabbage diet should last 10 days. With strict observance of a diet, your weight will decrease by 6-10 kilograms. Although it all depends on the state of your body, its features and the number of extra pounds.

Important: If you decide to repeat the cabbage diet, this should only be done after 2 months.   Now let’s look at the menu of the classic cabbage diet:

– Breakfast: coffee or green tea, water without gas.  – Lunch: salad (ingredients: carrots, fresh cabbage, vegetable oil, preferably olive), beef, chicken or non -fat fish (all in boiled form and about 200 g.).  – Dinner: salad (fresh cabbage, 1 quail egg or half chicken), any fruit except banana.

2 hours before you plan to go to bed, drink a glass of low -fat kefir. The diet also allows you to replace the cabbage salad – a soup of cabbage (there is also no restrictions on consumption of such a soup).

You can also use other diets if the cabbage is not suitable for you. The blood diet is to be treated that to divide all types of products into groups and in accordance with the blood group you select your diet. Agree this type of diet is more adapted to everyday life and is not so complicated psychologically to perception.

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