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Come with your family at the top of the Earth

by womenbabe

A trip to the basic camp on Everest cannot be neglected, a 11 -day difficult and fascinating trip to the base on the highest mountain in the world is the purpose of the whole life.   But this is not a traditional family vacation. More recently, some tour operators began to offer a family campaign and rest in the basic camp of Everest. Of course, this does not mean that you can pack your camping suitcases and hit the road with a five -year -old child, but for families with restless 16 -year -old teenagers looking for entertainment, going to the basic camp of an Everestic adventure.

The traditional campaign to the Everest base camp is a 12 -day trip from Lukla to a base camp of 5, 365 m. A few days of aclimatization to Kathmandu, then you go to the village of Sherpa, located just above the ‘dairy river’. This is a gate to the area of ​​Everest, and you begin your trip with a short rise before the 7-day ascending ascent.

As soon as you start the ascent, you will immediately appreciate the whole complexity of the campaign.   Days and nights are getting colder, there are no toilets, throughout the rise you will encounter a high -altitude disease. Constant headache, lack of sleep and generally a feeling of unhealthy. The campaign has many negative aspects. For many participants, they outweigh positive, because before going on such a campaign with the whole family, you should think.   Hard conditions reconcile everyone, everyone helps each other. And, of course, as soon as you get to the base camp, the meaning of achievement exceeds your expectations. The final point goes to the glacier, you see the icy comb Eveest.

What he saw is amazing, the impressions are unforgettable. Professional trackers and climbers believe that those who mastered this rise can be proud of themselves.  

Adolescents can hardly captivate a family vacation, floating in the pool. Going to the base camp of Everest means that you share difficulties and achievement together. This is the most diverse, scenically exciting campaign. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of Sherp, with temples and monasteries, local residents trading along the path, you will see yaks with salt bags coming from Tibet. It is worth seeing!

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