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Diet for breast babies

by womenbabe

Many caring mothers after the birth of their children begin to worry about whether everything they need is received by their babies eating breast milk or a special mixture.   They ask the question: maybe it’s time to accept the baby something additional?   The child’s complementary is carried out in the first year of his life.   As a rule, complementary foods are any other food, except for natural milk and mixtures.   The amount of additional food, the beginning of its intake, the diet is determined for each baby individually.  

After the kids are 8 months old, their diet becomes the same, regardless of what feeding they were located. Breast milk for a newborn is the best and natural food that a mother can give to her baby if she has such an opportunity. Otherwise, breast milk is simply replaced with an analogue in the form of children’s mixtures.   When the baby reaches 8 months, he can take meat broth with the addition of vegetable puree and crackers in small doses. Thus, the child will get used to bread.

At this age, the baby can try children’s cookies. After your child for the first time tries the meat broth, a short period of time should pass so that he can get used to the new diet. After two weeks, it is allowed to give the child soup pure of vegetables with chopped yolk eggs, as well as fresh cottage cheese, but not more than 40 grams per day.    The meat broth can be replaced with fish, but be extremely careful, control that not a single small fish bone falls into food.

Especially for you, a diet for an eight -month -old child has been developed for you. This diet is intended for babies who did not have allergic reactions. So, start the first feeding with 200 ml of breast milk or its analogue, 40 ml of natural juice without preservatives. After the first feeding, the child can be given fruit puree no more than 40 grams, fresh cottage cheese (40 grams).

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