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Do not forget about the dream!

by womenbabe

Living in a crazy rhythm, people sometimes do not leave time for sleep. During the day work, and with the onset of the evening – a trip to the club. This cannot but affect the body that just needs a healthy sleep. A little sleeping person has much more chances to pick up some kind of illness or infection, the ability to think sensibly is disturbed, concentration falls. It is proved that sleep less than 6 hours leads to a decrease in life expectancy in humans. Long sleep is also harmful to the body: after 12 hours of sleep, a person has a feeling of depression and uncomfortable.

The norm of sleep for people over 25 years old, but no more than 50 is 8 hours a day. Age people are supposed to sleep a little less time: about 6 hours. But for the child’s body, sleep plays a significant role and should last more than eight hours. Compliance with bed rest will lead to positive results.

Many of us are tormented by such a phenomenon as insomnia. To get rid of it, you need a specialist consultation. The hardest thing is to fall asleep after playing sports, so it is best to carry out physical exercises in the evening. Definitely will not help you fall asleep food before bedtime, alcohol, which only accelerates blood through the veins.

Do not be surprised, but one of the reasons for your insomnia may be … so that you think? Your pillow! Yes exactly! Everything goes from its size and to find the right one you need to look for pillows in bulk from Ivanovo for a good price. The main thing is to understand that the high pillow will complicate your breath due to the chin will begin to press to the chest, but at the same time, you will feel the relaxation of the neck. The softness of the pillow is no less important: if it is too soft, then your head will just drown in it, and accordingly it will begin to overheat.

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