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Dress code in communication work

by womenbabe

Dress code clothes are different in style. And if you decide for yourself that you need to put on the street, guided only by your taste and ideas about comfort, then, going to work, you must think about the features of the business style. Many companies require employees to observe a certain dress code, believing that this is part of the corporate culture. Therefore, having settled for a new place of work, try to find out if there are official instructions governing the “corporate” style of clothing. If they are, stands only to adhere to them. But what to do if they are not? Here are some tips:

look around! For different firms, different style is acceptable. It is hardly appropriate to come to the bank in simple clothes. It is better to dress your favorite Firetrap jeans to meet friends, in which you will look stylish and fashionable at any time. But, let’s say, a photographer who was going to take pictures for a newspaper in a three-piece suit also causes amazement. If you want to understand what exactly is considered acceptable in your company – just look at others or talk to the authorities during the interview. Adhere to the rules remember that there are certain “general” requirements for a business style. Do not put on: -But with an open toe and without a backdrop. -Shorts, too short skirts, topics, translucent clothes. -Blouses or dresses with a deep neckline or open shoulders. -Long -haired and battered clothes. -Leather clothes. -Massive or too expensive jewelry. -Bright red shirts and dresses. You should also not use accessories of this color: bags, briefcases, ties, etc. D. -Clothes of any acid flowers. The appearance with bare legs is also considered unacceptable for girls. Even in summer it is recommended to put stockings or tights of neutral color. In winter, the Geospirit down jacket is welcomed as the main type of outerwear. Cloth! The dress code concerns not only clothes, but also the appearance in general. Piercing on the face is usually not welcome (in the nose, on the lips, tongue, etc. D.). Several earrings in the ear, tattoo on open parts of the body can cause complaints. Do not build too elaborate hairstyles. But untidy, dirty or not combed hair are also unacceptable. Long and excessively brightly painted nails should be avoided. However, dirty and not well-groomed. Bright makeup should be left for the evening.

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