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Exercise and female body

by womenbabe

Biologically, the situation has developed in which, the lack of physical exercises negatively affects the female body, and this influence is much more expressive than in men – the WWW women’s magazine informs. Top-Women. ru. Why do modern women should pay more attention to physical exercises? Studies conducted by scientists have demonstrated on practical research results that physical activity can positively affect a person’s life, contributing to its extension. The movement helps to strengthen the immune system, the female body becomes less susceptible to infectious diseases. Regularly engaged in physical exertion, a woman significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer (approximately 20%). Most world experts are in solidarity in the opinion that playing sports at least three times a week significantly strengthen the bones, the probability of osteoporosis is reduced. Having run away, jumping or having a female body, more intensively produces endorphins, which are considered hormones of happiness. The happy state of the woman persists for a long period of time.   Physical activity contributes to the release of sweat, along with which a large number of toxins are removed from the woman’s body, and if you combine exercises with proper breathing, then you can clean the respiratory organs.

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