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Exit wedding ceremony

by womenbabe

There are quite a lot of exit registration of marriage today – this service really has enough advantages. However, in order for everything to go cloudlessly, it is necessary to properly prepare for the triumph. In preparation for the ceremony, you need to take into account a number of details.

The first thing to take care is about is a list of guests. Not even the choice of the venue, namely guests. When the list is ready, you can start the search for the place, because it is based on the number of invited ones that the area of ​​the venue will come.

During the on -site registration there is no binding to a specific time and place, which means that when choosing a site you can not limit yourself to nothing. As a rule, they choose a site near the restaurant, where the celebration will take place. Depending on the weather, the ceremony can be held in the open air and indoors.

Today it is fashionable to complete the ceremony with Western traditions. The so -called sand ceremony, rose ceremony or planting of a tree of love is very popular. These are very romantic, touching and emotional rites. It is important that they are clearly visible to all those present.

It is very important to make sure that all guests are clearly visible everything that is happening. It is better to place the host table on the side of the arch – so he will not block the newlyweds. When they sign, they will be facing the guests. It is better to place guests’ chairs no further than 4 meters from the place where the newlyweds are located. The passage should be free enough for the photographer at the wedding and the operator of the moth to move quickly without blocking the review. If you are looking for a wedding photographer inexpensively, here you will find a specialist with an optimal ratio of price and quality of work.

If there are many guests, then the corresponding sound support of the ceremony is needed. The host will need a microphone so that all guests hear him. If there are more than 20 people, this is already relevant.

If music is provided in the recording during the ceremony, then the speakers and DJs should be located behind the guests – so they will not get into the frame to the wedding photographer. In Moscow, the choice of restaurants is quite large, where there is a place for the ceremony. True, there are often not so many places. If there are a large number of guests, then it is better to celebrate in the suburbs – you can hold a ceremony there for 300 people.

It is necessary to think over the design of the ceremony to the smallest detail. If registration and a banquet will be held in one place, then it is logical to order the design of one team of designers – the entire ceremony will be designed in the same style.

Guests need to be entertained. You can organize a fun visiting photo studio so that all those present have professional photos as a keepsake – they can be immediately printed and taken as souvenirs.

For lovers of all unusual, you can rent an Instaprinter – it will print a photo on hashtag. Guests will take pictures with smartphones, upload it to the network, and the printer will find and print.

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